What happens when you blend gourmet chocolate and pure Ukrainian Vodka?

Imported from Ukraine, where the centuries old tradition of vodka distillation is legendary, Goldenbärr is one of the finest vodkas produced anywhere in the world. Hand crafted by expert distillers using ancient traditions and customs, it is the worlds first geniune Chocolate Vodka

Goldenbärr distills its natural cocoa directly into the vodka. It is not flavored like a cordial. This quality distillation ensures a clean, clear quality that simply cannot be matched by any artificially flavored product. The result is a dry chocolate taste that blends masterfully with our superior vodka.

Keeping tradition, not surprisingly, our vodka remains 80 proof. What we have successfully done is designed the worlds most unique vodka experience, while maintaining the drink integrity demanded by avid vodka enthusiasts.


Specialty Martinis

Mounds Martini
Created with Goldenbarr Chocolate Vodka and Kalani Coconut Liqeur

Berry White Martini
Created with Goldenbarr Chocolate Vodka, Creme de Framboise Raspberry Liquer, White Godiva Liquer

Nutty Alexander Martini
Created with Goldenbarr Chocolate Vodka, Frangelico and White Creme de Cocoa

Tootsie Roll Martini
Created with Goldenbarr Chocolate Vodka, Orange Vodka, Grand Marnier

Creative Cocktails

Chocolate Cola
Created with Goldenbarr Chocolate Vodka and Cola

Created with Goldenbarr Chocolate Vodka and Champagne

Moch Russian
Created with Goldenbarr Chocolate Vodka with milk and Kahlua

New York Egg Cream
Created with Goldenbarr Chocolate Vodka, Chocolate Syrup, Frozen Milk and Seltzer


Chocolatier Magazine
Chocolate martinis are one hot - or rather, cool - drink and now there's an easier way to make them. Just pour Goldenbarr Chocolate Vodka, a triple distilled imported vodka flavored with all-natural chocolate, into a glass and voilá - an instant martini. Think creativley and this vodka can also be used as an ingredient in desserts. To be sure, this smooth, 80-proof vodka is a lively and timely addition to any home bar.

Center Parc France
Une merveilleuse addition aux bars de nos différents parc nature et aquatiques situés en France, en Belgique et en Hollande

Nightclub & Bar Magazine
The primordial soup that we all supposedly crawled out of must have contained a large percentage of chocolate. Out deep-seated desire for that more santiny of pleasures must be rooted in out genes, perhaps at the tail end of a DNA strand. So wher a distillery in Ukraine, known for making incomparable vodka, takes its 80-proof spirit and infuses it with premium cocoa extract, you can anticipate your clientele and staff to experience an immediate Pavlovian response, symptoms include drooling and smacking of the lips.

Goldenbarr Chocolate Vodka is a tantallizing treat. This gourmet spirit is made from hearty winter wheat and pure spring water. It's the inclusion of natural cocoa extract in the distillation process that separates Goldenbarr from all other contenders. The vodka is light, dry, and brimming with the rich flavor and aroma of chocolate.

Goldenbarr isn't a liqueur or cordial, and therefore it's much more in step with today's drinking patterns. It enjoys scores of application behind the bar. Goldenbarr Chocolate Vodka is a fabulous in a martini, White Russian, or as a shot mixed with Frangelico (Butterfinger) or Malibu (Mounds Bar).
The editor of sent me an email one day from some visitor to the site. Apparently this guy had come to looking for a review of something called Goldenbarr Chocolate Vodka. While I have run across a bevy of favored vodkas in my time, a chocolate vodka was all new to me.

Two weeks later I received a 750 ml. bottle of it in the mail. For days it sat on my desk, sphinx-like. Chocolate and vodka- my mind just couldn't put the two together.

On pouring a shot of it you'll see that like most vodkas, Goldenbarr is perfectly clear. It is, I understand, a triple distilled Ukrainian vodka. Lift it to your nose and you'll be struck at the rich smell of cocoa. It's just like nosing a container of powdered Hershey's Cocoa, the only difference being a slight smell of alcohol. Take a drink of it and your mouth will be flushed with cocoa. It is truly remarkable.

Obviously, those with a real taste for chocolate will find Goldenbarr great for sipping, either up or on the rocks. However, I lean toward using it to creating mixed drinks, like the amazingly simple but tasty Chocolate Coke. Drop one shot of Goldenbarr in an 8, or if you're giddy, a 12 ounce glass, and fill with Coke. You taste no vodka, just coke and a mild chocolate spine. If you are a peppermint fan, you can mix a shot of Goldenbarr with a shot of peppermint schnapps in a martini glass and you'll have a drink that tastes very much like a liquid peppermint patty. I myself got a hoot out of mixing one shot of Goldenbarr with 6 ounces of orange juice, the result tasting amazingly like a Tootsie Roll.

Flair Magazine
Goldenbarr Chocolate Vodka Voted the #1 Vodka by the community.

"...a perfect world - Vodka and chocolate together" - Bingham, member community "The chocolate flavor is sort of dry...just right to my taste." - bdest777, member community.

"Smooth and Delicious." -nonnal, member community.

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"Just a note to let you know I am very impressed with your product. It goes well in coffee with a bit of Bailey's. I intend to be a regular customer" -Jennifer W.

"WOW! Incredible even without being chilled. The taste is truly velvety smooth...the aroma is simply astounding" -Marie B.

"Goldenbarr was just the ingredient I needed foir MY "fudgesicle" drink. Tastes like my favorite childhood treat, but with a grown up twist" -Monica

"Very tasty. I've come up with several cocktails to enjoy and I'm still working on a few more." -Ted C